IR Information

Announcement for the Convention of Shareholders’ Meeting


      I.        Time:

9:00 a.m., June 15th (Friday), 2016

     II.        Venue:

Amity Room of Da-Yuan Factory of Standard Foods Corporation
(Add: No 369, Heping W Road, Sec 1,Ta Yuan, Taoyuan, Taiwan)

    III.        Meeting Agenda:

                     1.        Announcement:

                                      i.        To report 2015 employee compensation payment and director remuneration

                                     ii.     The Business reports for 2015

                                     iii.        The Supervisors' audit report for 2015

                                     iv.        The Adoption of ”Codes of Ethical Conduct”

                     2.        Recognition Items:

                                      i.        The Business reports and financial statements for 2015

                                     ii.        Distributions of earnings for 2015

                     3.        Discussion Items:

                                      i.        The amendment of ”Articles of Incorporation”

                                     ii.        The amendment of the Operational Procedures for Acquisition and Disposal of Assets

                                     iii.        The amendment of the Operational Procedures for Endorsement & Guarantee

                                     iv.        The amendment of the Rules for Election of Directors

                                     v.        The amendment of the Operational Procedures for Loaning of Company Funds

                                     vi.        To approve the capitalization of stock dividends

                                     vii.        To release the non-competition restriction on Directors


                     4.        Special Motions

 For other information regarding the shareholders’ meeting, please refer to the files below: